Mega Cross Counter Post Metas

November 2022
Concept, Naming, Branding & Signaling
Mega Cross Counter Post Metas celebrates multiplicity within design — of narratives, methodologies, perspectives, transitions and encounters explored during the course. On November 30th, we presented a symposium that orbited around such design and research methodologies, with speakers: Bahbak Hashemi-Nezhad, Rayan Elnayal & Ruben Pater. The branding of the show needed to represent the different topics explored by each of the student’s final projects. In a collaborative effort to do so, the participating graduates created 12 symbols, each representing themes covered within the projects: culture, data, ecology, fiction, gender, healing, heritage, industry, migration, nature, technology and the virtual... 12 posters were issued featuring a still from each project with one of its pertinent symbols.
In collaboration with Ga-Eun Mun
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